Whether its 10 or 500 web pages in 1 or 10 languages, Crystal Digit will create your made-to-measure web solution, take care of domain registration, activate your email address book, host and technically maintain your site.

You can choose from numerous design propositions, or better still, we can invent one together. Without forgetting the right amount of animation to make your site more dynamic and attractive.

Your visitors can subscribe to your database allowing you to communicate with them via your website or by email, sms or even snail mail.

According to the Wallonie Agency for Technology (AWT), almost 40% of companies are buying on the web. The percentage for individuals is also increasing rapidly.

We offer simple, fast and economical solutions to put your products/services catalogue on-line, a secure system for payments, your back-office on the web, care and management of the dynamic contents, commercial statistics in real time, and many other possibilities which we can adapt to your profession and needs.

With more than 2/3 of the population active on the internet, an unequalled opportunity for communication with one's clients has opened up. We invite you to seize this opportunity and create a Blog within your site (of course, it will be possible to moderate the posts).

How to share intelligently the information and files and stock them in a central place, accessible from anywhere. How to allow several people to consult the information simultaneously and work on it without multiplying the existing versions?

Simple solutions exist to these needs. The time has come for the creation of your intranet - Lets talk about it !

Your site does not become a profitable investment unless it is visited. It is our business to advise you on how to make sure it is.

A site needs to be catalogued within search engines. The best formula is Google AdWords which gives immediate results. To start we need to define the keywords connected to your particular activity. When internet users surf with Google and use one of your keywords your advertisement comes up. You only pay by the number of visitors who click on to your link. There is no minimum budget needed to work with this formula and each euro invested puts you in contact with a potential customer.

We can also create and manage your emailing campaigns, buy and improve your databases, organise competitions and have many other ideas to guarantee you a good return on your investment in the web!